Car Brakes Servicing And Repair

Car Brakes Servicing And Repair Are Essential

Should car brakes be replaced?

Car brakes servicing and repair by our team of professional and experienced car mechanics. Why is it so important? Breaking is an essential part of driving simply because it enhances you and your passengers’ safety on the road. Thus, having knowledge about your car’s braking system and keeping it in good working condition should be a major priority.

For people who travel a lot or encounter heavy traffic regularly, your brakes are heavily utilised. So it goes without saying that parts of the braking system will wear out. It’s a slow process which means that you may not notice the wear and tear until it’s too late.

When will I know if it's time for brake inspections?

You may require a brake inspection if you’re having brake problems such as soft pedal, pedal vibration, squealing noise or if parts of your brake system have been damaged. But if the problem is isolated to just one part, there’s no need to replace the other components that are still in good working order.

There is no specific mileage interval at which the brakes need to be relined because brake wear varies depending on how the vehicle is driven, the braking habits of the driver, the weight of the vehicle, the design of the brake system and a dozen other variables.

As a rule, the front brakes wear out before the ones on the rear because the front brakes handle a higher percentage of the braking load — especially in front-wheel drive cars and minivans. Servicing just the front brakes is fine and can save you money as long as the rear brakes are in good condition. But if the rear brakes need attention, they should be attended to as well.

What parts are replaced during a brake job?

Most of the time, brake jobs may consist of replacing the front disc brake pads, resurfacing the brake discs, replacing the rear drum brake shoes, resurfacing the drums, bleeding the brake lines (replacing the old brake fluid with new fluid), inspecting the system for leaks or other problems that might require additional repairs, and checking and adjusting the parking brake.

Some brake jobs may also include new hardware for the drums and rebuilding or replacing the wheel cylinders and calipers. But because of the added expense, these items should be made known to you by your mechanic before proceeding with the repairs.

Hardware includes things like return springs, holddown springs and other clips and retainers found in drum brakes. It may also include bushings, pins and clips on disc brake calipers. Springs lose tension with age and exposure to heat. Most experts recommend replacing the hardware when relining drum brakes to restore proper brake action. If weak springs are reused, the shoes may drag against the drums causing accelerated shoe wear, brake overheating and possible drum damage.

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Car Brakes Servicing And Repair


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